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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Art by Troxum and Crystal Labs

Catalog Number: TF24
Release Date: 5-29-2014
Artwork by: Troxum and Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 23:50


Gaia Omen

Pittsburgh-based Troxum looks to Earth’s geologic history and the galaxy’s distant future for answers in his musical quest that implies something both ominous and optimistic about humanity’s time in the universe. The spacesynth sound he brings to improvised live shows and produced music is a varied mix of influences, traveling from the ’70′s fantasy rock of Klaus Schulze, ’80s Tangerine Dream, ’90s SNES games, and 21st-century dance floors.

When Dr. James Lovelock proposed the Gaia hypothesis in the 1970s, postulating that Earth itself is a living creature regulating its complex systems much as a human body controls an organ, the scientist was laughed out of symposiums as a pariah.

While it is unclear where he’s originally from, Troxum is baffled most people still do not recognize Lovelock’s knowledge of the creature they inhabit. If they did perhaps they’d understand the precarious path they’ve taken on their only home.

“Humanity is reaching a critical epoch in Earth’s lifespan. Your autonomy, consumption, and conflict is overtaking your world’s ability to regulate elemental resources and ecological cycles. These imbalances are on a course to become more chaotic, stressing your biology until your species decreases to zero in a very short period of time. The reason why you have advanced to this stage is because your rocky world is not an inert object for you to harvest, but a living conscious being that evolved independently of its biomatter and has guided and protected your advancement. Until now.” - Troxum

Gaia Omen is the first EP from Troxum and serves as a warning.