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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Troxum

Catalog Number: TF??
Release Date: 9-22-2015
Artwork by: Troxum
Total Running Time: 44:45


Gaia Lesson

Is Gaia Lesson Troxum’s love letter to Earth’s natural forces and eons? Or is it a eulogy? This debut album is a 45 minute clarion call of swirling, pounding electronic music somewhere between synthwave, space rock, and the shockwave of a supernova.

Gaia Lesson comes a year after Pittsburgh-based Troxum’s first EP Gaia Omen was released on Telefuture, and now he delivers on that omen with a roaring full-length album that could be the soundtrack to a planet’s demise or its renewal. Pressing Gaia Lesson on special 24-karat gold CDs implies this potent artifact may outlast humanity’s time on Earth.