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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Heather Hermann

Catalog Number: TF44
Release Date: 9-17-2015
Artwork by: Heather Hermann
Total Running Time: 49:43


Volume One

Trinkaus, Eriksson, and Kwid joined forces in 2015 to progress the sound of the current synthwave/retro/’80s scene. Combining synthwave sounds infused with elements of jazz fusion, ’80s library, and modern Shibuya-kei, they create a sophisticated blend of rich harmonic heavily melodic music that pairs well with a chilled glass of Dom Perignon.

Their main instruments of choice primarily consist of digital synthesizers manufactured in the 1980s in Japan with the frequent addition of live guitars. More information on the artists can be found at their individual music projects below.

Phaserland (Ross Trinkaus)

Phaserland is an ’80s inspired Future/Retro project from Detroit. Blending rich, saturated synthesizer tones that interweave melodies with guitar fantasies, Phaserland hopes to invoke wonder, nostalgia, future love, and perhaps a booty wiggle or two.


Pengus (Gustav Eriksson)

A Swedish newcomer in the retro synth production scene. Gustav has practically lived in his studio since 2014, and has been working hard to get a foothold in both the commercial audio scene while remaining an independent artist. He really enjoys experimenting with new styles and vibes, but his love for 80′s digital synths tends to make him lean in that direction in seemingly every production.


Matt Kwid

Music producer and indie game developer located in Austin, Texas, Matt has been actively playing guitar and writing music for many years. Matt’s favorite musical weapons of choice are the Fender Stratocaster and the Yamaha DX7.

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