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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Crystal Labs

Catalog Number: TF37
Release Date: 12-15-2014
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
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Yoshiwara (吉原)

“Serbian-born, Hamburg-resident Denis “Remute” Karimani has been rolling out experimental techno and electro since 2002, but he may just have surpassed himself with his new album (or, as he prefers, “speculative mixtape”) on American synthwave label Telefuture. A record inspired by archaic sci-fi visions, from Metropolis to Blade Runner to Akira, it somehow manages to short-circuit the future/retro opposition and tap into a lush, luxurious techno dream from some alternate timeline. The title of this first track, ‘Familiar Yet Strange’ perfectly expresses what he’s achieved with the album, and the music, with its elegant echoes of YMO, sums up this temporal magic too.”

– Will Davenport, Boiler Room

“We all know that already many attempts, ranging from Moroder to Mills, were made to compose an appropriate score for Fritz Lang’s masterpiece ‘Metropolis’, but what about the music of the movie’s infamous night-club ‘Yoshiwara’? Did you ever asked yourself how a ‘party’ in there sounds like? To which music Evil Maria does dance to? The soundtrack of a cataclysmal seduction?

Remute‘s new album is focusing on this particular key scene and transcribes fictitious moods, events and vibrations into a retro-futuristic, synthwave-driven musical language enriched with the analog sonic warmth of 80s Roland and Oberheim gear.

This album or let’s say ‘speculative mixtape’ will be co-released by US synthwave label of the moment ‘Telefuture’ on good old vintage cassette tape and marks a huge step away from Remute’s accustomed genre territories into something quite unusual.”

– Nerdy Frame