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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Master Control Program

Catalog Number: TF27
Release Date: 6-15-2014
Artwork by: Master Control Program
Total Running Time: 59:42

Protector 101


After the nuclear holocaust, two lovers must fight to survive the toxic planet they once knew as home. Radioactive winds, radiated water, and vicious gangs have infected their once tolerable world. Will they survive The Wastes? Or become the waste they are trying to escape?

The Year is 2009. These are The Wastelands.


After working on clean skyscrapers, neon lights and androids from my previous sci-fi concept album, Hunter’s Journey, I felt like I needed to get my hands dirty. I started watching a lot of post-apocalyptic movies from the 80s and early 90s and that really filled my head with tons of imagery and ideas for music. After writing a couple of tracks I had this idea that; What if there were these different gangs in this post-apocalyptic setting and they each had their own songs… their own “themes” so to speak? Well after finishing those tracks I had to tie them together somehow. Next thing I know I have about an hours worth of audio to a soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist!

Wastelands has been one heck of a beast to complete! With over a year in the making it has seen multiple title changes, gone through a couple of different labels, personal hardships within my family… But even through all of these obstacles I truly feel like it has been worth it. I was fortunate enough to have one of my favorite artists on board, Master Control Program. He took time from his busy life to slave night and day to create one of the best album artworks I have ever seen him do! Seriously, he truly outdid himself with this one! I had help from my friend Matt and Tali to lend me their ‘Aussie’ accents for a couple of tracks. This really added a dynamic to the album as it makes it feel more alive and deeply rooted into the concept of itself. If that wasn’t enough, I was lucky to have some of my best friends film an outstanding promo video for the album too! Finally, it was all tied together with a pretty bow on top when Telefuture graciously let me release this concept album on their own label. This album couldn’t have had a better label to release itself on. The quality and care of the packaging along with MCP’s artwork really took my breath away as it was better than I had envisioned it.

Wastelands isn’t the “cleanest” of albums and this was intentional. I wanted to capture that grime and the graininess of such films as Hardware and the Mad Max series. Within the year or so the album was in it’s dormant state I could have gone back and cleaned it up but decided against it. I felt it was perfect just the way it was, imperfections and all.

I am so grateful to have all the wonderful people that helped me out and believed in the Wastelands project because without them, this release wouldn’t be what it is now! I truly feel this album has finally found it’s home. Thank you to all that have helped me with this release. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. And to all my listeners out there, crank up those HIFI stereo sound systems and enjoy the post-apocalyptic landscapes with the desolate sounds of the WASTELANDS!