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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands



Catalog Number: TF11
Release Date: 5-31-2013
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 56:02


One: A Telefuture Compilation

For a year, Telefuture has served to bring  the evolving sounds of 80′s inspired electronic music to the forefront. Although this type of music is often considered niche, we hope that we have brought to light the expansive sounds that the genre encompasses, and hope to continue to push the sound forward in years to come. After calling upon modular synthesizers, vintage gaming consoles, and an array of other tools, we have come to the conclusion that this type of music isn’t created for the sake of nostalgia, but in order to resurrect an old soul and give it a modern body. Although the sounds remind us of a time long gone, they remain relevant in a contemporary world.

Before anything else, we would like to thank the people who have made Telefuture what it is today. From the artists who we’ve worked with to get the best releases possible, to those who have helped us develop our website to be better than it was at the start of our journey, and, of course, the fans that time after time have astounded us with their continued support in purchasing the releases that many consider absurd. We aren’t sure of another place on the internet where dozens of people would buy an album in VHS format… nor did we think that CDs and cassettes were still as relevant as you all have proven them to be. In the upcoming years, we aim to keep pushing the genre forward while presenting it in unique ways; two characteristics Telefuture has become known for.

May 31st, 2012 marked an important date for us: the launch of Telefuture. Today, one year later, marks our first anniversary. To celebrate all of the aforementioned people involved in making our project to be what we consider a success, we have a gift for you: “One”: A Telefuture Compilation, which celebrates our first anniversary. By downloading the compilation, you will discover brand new tracks from both Telefuture alumni and artists who are currently working on releases with us that will be available in the coming months.

The album is available as a “name your price” download. We welcome those who download the album for free, and sincerely thank those who contribute any greater amount, which will go towards making future releases as good as they can be. We aren’t doing this to get rich. We’re doing it to share the music that we love in the most deserving way possible.

Don’t forget that you can directly support artists who appear on the compilation by grabbing their prior releases:


Thanks for tuning in,

Frank and Steve / Telefuture


Greetz & shout outs: Joe Allen, Aphasia Records, Arecibo Radio, Tatiana Barros, C-Jeff, Electronic Rumors, Electronix, Exotic Duck Farm, Future City Records, Girlfriend Records, Dan Jones, Kristina Kaufman, Alex Mauer, Nobuooo, Jeff Roberts, Rosso Corsa, Rick Shithouse, Synthetix crew, Kris Truitt, Ubiktune, Version Industries, and all of our artists, fans, friends, and families!