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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Molasar

Catalog Number: TF47
Release Date: 10-29-2015
Artwork by: Molasar
Total Running Time: 39:16



‘Molasar’, a side project from Chris Paladin’s Mild Peril Recordings, released a self-titled EP earlier this year. An experiment in creating a concept and release in as little time as possible, it was a surprising success.

Working again with Telefuture after the Mild Peril album ‘Matter’, Chris has taken those early tracks and expanded the EP into a full-length release. The overall sound has now moved from the raw synth-noir of the original demos to more of a Halloween-inflected compound of Italo disco, industrial and a certain horror-fantasy film of the 1980s.

(If you KEEP an eye out, Molasar may unleash a third volume before long…)

Banished to tape in the Dinu Pass by C. Paladin & G. Laeken
Mastered by Crystal Labs
A Body Party production for Mild Peril Recordings
Released via Telefuture