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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Caspar Newbolt

Catalog Number: TF40
Release Date: 4-8-2015
Artwork by: Caspar Newbolt
Total Running Time: 1:20:53

Makeup and Vanity Set


WILDERNESS is the tenth full-length album by American fantasy synthesist MAKEUP AND VANITY SET. The double-album is a long-form meditation on the technology of human life and death and features contributions from JASMIN KASET, BIG BLACK DELTA, THOMAS BARRANDON and THE PROTOMEN. The first proper follow up to the acclaimed formative album 88:88, WILDERNESS is a dense sci-fi concept album about outliving death through technology. Released on the synthwave label TELEFUTURE, the album lives in the tradition of the worlds of William Gibson or Stanisaw Lem, a cold, exacting futurist experience from start to finish.

Wilderness is a co-release with Yewknee Records.

Digital purchase of Wilderness includes a digital download of Eidolon; A short film by Joey Ciccoline.

All music by Makeup and Vanity Set

Narration by Della Saba + Logan George vocals on ‘Adolescence’ + ‘Hand In Hand’ by Jasmin Kaset
Vocals on ‘Senses, Dynamics’ by Big Black Delta
Vocals on ‘Remember’ by Raul Panther + Gambler Kirkdouglas of The Protomen
‘An Eternal Feeling’ by Makeup and Vanity Set and Thomas Barrandon
Live drums performed by Christian Williams
Drums recorded by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes, January 2013
Label admin by Steve Jenkins for Telefuture Records + Michael Eades for Yewknee Records
Art + design by Caspar Newbolt / Version Industries
Model / Sister – Victoria Siemer / Witchoria
Mastered by Gabe Liberti

Directed by Joey Ciccoline
Written by Daniel Shepherd
Concept by Makeup and Vanity Set + Joey Ciccoline