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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Caspar Newbolt

Catalog Number: TF18
Release Date: 9-26-2013
Artwork by: Version Industries
Total Running Time: 15:19

Makeup and Vanity Set


“When I first sat down to write MANIFOLD, I had just been listening non-stop to the soundtrack to Joey Ciccoline’s 88:88 that MAVS had done. Now, usually I write my own music to my stuff, but his music was so haunting, and so beautiful that I knew that he was the perfect choice for this short. It needed an emotional hook that only MAVS can deliver: A kind of wise nostalgia and sadness.

I asked… He said yes.

I believe that the music in a film can absolutely make or break it… MAVS music makes the film MANIFOLD. I’m excited for you all to hear his nuanced compositions for this film, and I know you’ll enjoy them as much as I did.” – Anthony Scott Burns, dir.


LIMITED EDITION CASSETTE: 5 tracks of bleak synthesis to accompany cold Autumn nights, proudly presented in minimalist packaging in order to compliment the music and film. Covers printed on heavy 110# card stock with hand-stamped serialized numbers, encased in white cassette shells. Strictly limited to 100 copies. Program repeats on both sides.

“Manifold” written and recorded by Matthew Pusti.
Art by Caspar Newbolt.

Film by Anthony Scott Burns (aka Pilotpriest)

c+p 2013 Makeup and Vanity Set