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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Charles Park Trilogy artwork by Caspar Newbolt

Catalog Number: TF 20
Release Date: 2-25-2014
Artwork by: Version Industries
Total Running Time: 1:33:38

Makeup and Vanity Set

Charles Park Trilogy

8 years ago, a saga of synthesis, vigilantism, and terror began with an album called Charles Park.

4 Years later a new chapter emerged from the darkness and expanded that world with Charles Park II.

The final chapter, Charles Park III, saw the vigilante put on the mask and fight his was through the night in search of one thing:


After nearly a decade of work, Telefuture is proud to release the Charles Park Trilogy box set; a culmination of hundreds of man hours between Makeup and Vanity Set’s music and artwork created by John DeLucca.

To expand on the original three releases, Makeup and Vanity Set and Telefuture have brought on additional talent to broaden the trilogy’s story. Guest contributors include Raul Panther and Sir Robert Bakker of The Protomen, Garth Knight, Infinity Shred, and Radio Relay League.

Grab your mask, load your shotgun, and buckle up for a ride into the darkness.

The first 100 copies of the Charles Park Ttilogy box set include:

  • 3 professionally duplicated CDs in eco-wallet sleeves.
  • CDs are bound in a pro-printed and hand-assembled sleeve, with new artwork by Caspar Newbolt.
  • MAVS Autographed 11″x17″ posters pro-printed on 110# paper, featuring all new art by illustrator John DeLucca.*
  • 3 1″ buttons featuring elements from DeLucca’s poster.
  • A digital download of all 30 tracks upon album release, featuring remastered audio, and additional bonus content.

Pre-orders start Thursday, January 30th, with the album’s release scheduled for late February.

*Please note that posters will ship folded, unless requested to be rolled, for an additional fee.