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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Crystal Labs

Catalog Number: TF30
Release Date: 7-10-2014
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 01:02:40

Le Cassette

Left to Our Own Devices

With a deep sense of excitement, Telefuture is proud to present Le Cassette’s debut release, Left to Our Own Devices, an album nearly two years in the making.

Originally from West Yorkshire, Le Cassette’s members are now spread across England, creating 80’s inspired music from a distance. With careful attention paid to the detail in their production, the band has produced some of the most unique tracks within the genre. In addition to creating music that is compelling, thoughtful, and at times playful, Le Cassette distinguishes themselves with beautifully arranged vocals, taking inspiration from Peter Gabriel, Roxy Music, and Phil Collins (and sometimes, in our opinion, evoking a young David Bowie).

Whether it be the bouncy synth pads, the carefully orchestrated sound design used throughout the album, or the eclectic moods that the release as a whole has created, Telefuture is confident that there is something in this album for everyone.