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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands



Catalog Number: TF06
Release Date: 7-24-2012
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 18:50



With LinnDrum, Korg DW8000, guitar, and his love for 1980s synth rock at hand, Garth Knight brings his debut 5 track EP to light. Whether calling on the the music ingrained into his mind as a child of the 1980s, or drawing inspiration from artists such as Giorgio MoroderSteve StevensRoger Zito, and Vince DiCola,Garth Knight hopes to share his instrumental labor of love born from a decade long gone.

Intro sets the scene for the EP, subtly laying way for Overdrive; a driving tour de force featuring 80s guitar and punchy LinnDrum sounds. Babylon features the DX7 synthesizer and pays tribute to early disco and dance music, while Alpha reaches for a more groove based approach, using Fairlight CMI sounds. The EP’s finale, Juggernaut, urges the listener to bang their head as the chorused rock guitars gently float over pulsing synths.

This release is available as a ‘pay what you want’ download. Artist support is highly encouraged.