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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Art by Crystal Labs

Catalog Number: TF25
Release Date: 6-6-2014
Artwork by: Crystal Labs
Total Running Time: 15:28

Bright Primate

Soft Promises / Energize

BRIGHT PRIMATE is a futurepunk duo from the dystopian submerged city of Boston Massachusetts in the year 2199. Inspired by psycho-acoustic images from both the deep past and far future, their signature sound of raw hardware chiptune synthesis and powerful vocal stylings evoke both gracefully mutated pop and blistering electronic noise rock.

Using an expanded sound palette as well as advanced production techniques rare to this timeline, Energize / Soft Promises represents a next step in their evolution from technologically-obsessed subterranean humans to the cosmic beings of pure emotion and consciousness that is their destiny.

Side B of this journey features these same messages hope re-transfigured and re-told in parallel universes by fellow travelers MisfitChris and Rolly Mingwald.

Bright Primate’s “Soft Promises / Energize” single presented in the classic “cassingle” format. Release features two new tracks from the dynamic chiptune duo, as well as two remixes from MisfitChris and Telefuture alumni, Rolly Mingwald.

Cassettes are professionally duplicated and imprinted, and come wrapped in a pro-printed O-card. 50 copies on pink shells with red imprinting. 50 copies on blue shells with dark blue imprinting. Color will be randomly selected.