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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Bachelor of Hearts

Catalog Number: TF41
Release Date: 7-2-2015
Artwork by: Bachelor of Hearts
Total Running Time: 22:32

Bachelor of Hearts

Total Love

Bachelor Of Hearts is a new face in the 80’s revival scene mixing elements of funk and disco with modern production tricks while finding his space in an already niche genre.

Born post-’80s, Butch Van Love creates music from a position of taking inspiration from the 1980’s rather than replication the decade’s sound. He adapts his love for decades-old music and brings his unique version into the present day.

Living in the cold and distant Finland, Butch uses his music to turn the snow covered shores into white sand beaches, a warm cup of cocoa into a tequila sunrise, and turn frozen hearts to melted ones.

Butch Van Love started out playing the violin at the age of seven and as has since become a multi-instrumentalist with focus on drums, guitar, bass, and keyboards — Translating this array of musical experience to composing masterful productions.

“Total Love” consists of four tracks, each with sounds that are familiar and retro for the most part, but still relevant in 21st century production with inspiration taken from ‘80s funk and disco bands like Change and The Brothers Johnson mixed with a dash of Com Truise and vaporwave soundscapes.