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Artist: Protector 101
Album: Wastelands


Cover art by Derek Rudy

Catalog Number: TF48
Release Date: 4-14-2016
Artwork by: Derek Rudy
Total Running Time: 39:16

Arcade High


Every kingdom needs a crown. Every crown needs a king. Every king needs an heir, and so seeks a queen.

In a shadowy castle, where man is neither asleep nor awake, a great darkness waits to devour all who are foolish enough to step into its path.

What some may call fools, however, others call heroes, and it is with that title clenched desperately in his grasp that our hero wanders into the eponymous kingdom, armed with a vault of knowledge gleaned from thousands upon thousands of hours enshrined in his own realms of fiction.

But the heart of fair lady was never easily won, and the darkness that lurks at the edge of our nightmares was never easily conquered, and gold, after all, must be tested in fire…

Welcome to Kingdom, traveler, and beware.

Arcade High has been through a lot the past 4 years, always learning, always trying to push things a little further. Last year, I brought on a close buddy of mine, Patrick. With him brought a new, evolved sound. We spent the past year and a half working on this album, the longest we’ve ever spent on a single project. We love the retro scene, chalk full of influences from classic movies and soundtracks, but we wanted to do something a little different. Mixing the always-present video game feel, and pulling influences from 70s and 80s pulp horror / fantasy novels, we crafted this concept album, ‘Kingdom’. We hope you enjoy it.

“KINGDOM” composed and performed by Arcade High
Vocals on Track 3 performed by Hayley Stewart
Album art by Derek Rudy
Mixed by Nelson Boosel, Ryan Boosel, and Patrick Farone
Mastered by Charles Michaud (Sid 64) for
Album synopsis written by Maddie Ardillo